Terms and conditions of use app SOS Lifesaver (SOS life & service)

  1. Settings:

Easing the formulation, defined the following settings:

“Application” will be defined below as your SOS life and service located in app stores or smartphones of those who choose to download it to your

“Site” is defined below as a companion app which is under the domain sos-service.org

“Enterprise” is defined below application and / or website

“Operator” is defined below venture operator

“Application users” are defined below as those who choose to download the application and / or use.

“Business Owner” – defined below as a business owner who registered and gave details of his business application and / or on accompanying

“User” – defined as those observed below the application and is not defined as’ having a business “as defined above.

“Operator” – defined below as operators and owners of the app and owns the rights to the application, the components and the basic idea

“Contents” – defined below texts, images, benefits and any information it publishes a business venture

  1. introduction

SOS app is a free app for the benefit of the public, designed to allow people to tell others about the dangerous condition they are. However, we notify you that the users of the application that does not in any way rely on the application and anyone who is in danger to take any action if not used the application, namely – call anyone he sees fit to hand him help, such as emergency services, friends etc.

No application operators responsible for the proper operations and do not guarantee there will be no technical problems and other functioning for any reason the application. Anyone who uses the app makes it his sole responsibility and does not and will not have any claim relating to the performance of the application and any outcome that arises from the use and / or reliance on the application.

If you do not agree with the above, you are asked to remove the application and not reused. Bone app installation and unsubscribe to represent your understanding and agreement to all of the above.

It also enables application service providers (hereinafter “a / s Business / s), to support the application, and publish the app themselves and offer their services to users of the application.

Application and / or activity are not responsible and will be held responsible – directly and / or indirectly – for any damages, expenses, damage to goodwill, reliance, breach of contract, wrongdoing, etc. incurred, if and to the extent caused by a user and / or third party any connection (directly or indirectly) with the application, usage, products and / or services advertised there, their use, due to the closure of the site (temporarily or permanently).

Using the app and website, including registration as a user and / or are a business owner agree to all terms and conditions and / or the law unconditionally and / or reservations and / or restriction. Therefore, before using the Website and / or application, please be sure to read the terms and conditions as set out in the articles of association (the ” Terms of Use “)

For the avoidance of doubt, terms and conditions as specified in these guidelines are intended to regulate the relationship between the operator and all users and businesses use in any way the website and / or application and / or content and / or existing information and publish them, without any conditions and / or reservations.

The extent and conditions of use are not fully agreed on the app’s users have to immediately stop using the app and remove it and stop or browsing the site and the company disclaims any Masada and maintains its rights under any law.

The project operators may, at any time, without warning and their own, modify and / or poor and / or add to the terms of use via rules Terms of Use, and that any such change would require the user to all intents and purposes. The validity of a change in terms and conditions will apply from the moment of its publication.

3.Registration procedures and personal information

To use the app, the user or a business owner requires providing personal information: name, address, phone, email, etc..

These data will be saved in the database of the application and / or website. Of course that providing said data is not required by law but without providing data defined duty “can not use the services offered by the application. The use of the personal information you submitted, will be in accordance with the privacy policy.

  1. business owner

4.3 Liability business owner it publishes content project.

It is hereby clarified that the operator is not responsible in any way for the content those advertisers with businesses – service providers as part of the application and / or website, as well as the level of service, professionalism and all the result could be due to decision of the user to use the product and / or service of a business that appears in the app and / or site. It is hereby agreed that any business owner, is solely responsible for all content it is uploaded and posted on the site and the application. Really impressed the business owner and / or payment for the performance in the app, do hereby declare the business owner that is Credit and / or permission allowing him to use the contents which it displays as part of the application and / or website that does not violate copyright, as defined by copyright law . A business application service user undertakes not to publish content that are unsuitable and / or harmful content of any kind of application and / or database. One business owner violates these provisions undertakes to indemnify the Company immediately should they be sued by any third party in respect of the content that is up.

4.4 Liability business owner courteous and professional service at fair prices.

A business owner who joined the application, declaring that he undertakes to act with professionalism and courtesy and hereby declares that the license is required if the scope it offers, it has such an effect and may engage in the same practice field he publishes as part of the application and / or project. It is hereby clarified that the operator does not in any way responsible for the services and products it offers a business and that the business owner does have such a license where necessary. All customer service and / or product from a business makes it the sole responsibility and is responsible for checking that the service provider has a license where this is required.

However, if users run the business owner violates one of the conditions above, we wish to inform us about this and we consider removing the list of service providers that appear in the app, and if we determine there is justification.

4.5 Payment for the business owner as a service provider application appearance

The company allows business owners to support the application fee and appear certain areas of the location-based advertising users, according to a radius determined from time to time at the discretion of the operator. Thus it is clear that the business owner will not use its advertising conditional aforementioned user’s location. Payment for the emergence of a business application is in accordance with the rate determined from time to time between the operator and the service providers – business owners. It is hereby clarified that in case of technical failure prevents the appearance of a business owner would be entitled to extra time business owner at a time when proven that the application did not work.

4.6 ads and promotion on the site and / or application

The operator or independent entities would be allowed to act on its behalf, will offer business owners and other third parties, the possibility of ads and / or promotion of the website and / or application, for a fee as determined by the Company from time to time.

Operator may prevent its discretion is a business publishing venture, if it decides that a business does not fit the spirit of enterprise, character or image.

  1. Cookies

Application used in cookies – (the “cookies”) to conspiracy servers will recognize the registered users and business owners to quickly and efficiently when they return and use an app.

Actually your use of the app, you consent to allow the operator to implant a “cookie” on the edge device where you use the site and / or application, use the information in cookies “and identify you on the mouth.

  1. Information security and privacy protection project users

The operator takes care of the security of information held Bmiizm through storage company that stores the site and other means. Despite the many efforts and resources invested by the operator does not undertake to users of the enterprise that preclude illegal entry to the databases contained on the website and the computer network. Nor bear any damage that was caused to the user and / or owner of a business as a result.

  1. Direct mail and sending text messages to users of the enterprise

Actually your application as a registered user and / or a business owner, you consent and allow operators to venture to send device smartphone to your and / or e-mail address that you specify and / or that her subscribed, messages and promotional offers from business owners on the site, as well as announcements and messages on behalf of the operator of the site .

Use of the Website and / or the application as a registered user and / or business constitutes your agreement to all of the terms of use, including an official confirmation of you to send messages messages Foch, and / or text messages and / or messages mail to your e-mail and / or which firm you have registered.

  1. Copyright and intellectual property

The operator holds the copyright and intellectual property owner the exclusive application and accompanying website.

For the avoidance of doubt It is hereby emphasized that under copyright and intellectual property of the project include, among others, the idea underlying the application, the information available in the app and published by businesses used herein, designing graphics for the app and website building application, and site components formal and substantive app and the site, the texts that appear in them, codes, software, scripts and files and applications from any kind whatsoever. Are the exclusive property of the operator

It is expressly prohibited copying, duplication, distribution, display, publishing or transfer of the above or any part thereof to any person and / or body unless the consent of the operator’s prior written consent. Do not use the database and the application for licensing and / or provision of the franchise and / or providing any right to use the application components and / or website, their symbols trademarks, images and all that they have shown, without the express consent of the operator prior written consent.

Upload pictures of business owners, confirms that the use and publication of these images for the purposes of the site, including the publication of third parties.

9.The use of information about service providers in the app is the sole responsibility of the website users.

The operator makes every effort that where information for apps on urgent service providers and the data will be reliable and professional services to be licensed as such is required. All information contained in the application and the database is available to users as is (As-is |). Therefore, use of the site and the information it provides is the sole responsibility of the users. And after testing whether it is an authorized service provider is the sole responsibility of the users

However, in case you encounter a business owner publishes false information and / or non-required license, please let us know and if it was found that the business owner violates the terms of use as it requires him to continue to appear as a service provider, consider removing it from the site and the application.

10.Limiting the liability of the company and / or site operators and those on their behalf

The operator does not undertake to launch the application and / or the site of any particular period. And does not guarantee the operation of the application and / or website. Does not undertake to launch the application and website in their present form for a certain time or permanently.

There may be content introduced an application independently by every business owner through personal management interface hand operated independently. Or those raised by the operator depending on the materials to be sent and will be delivered to him by the business owner. As mentioned above, every business owner is exclusively responsible for the content uploaded and published by him and / or delivered to the operator so that it will cost them for it. It is clarified that the operator is not responsible for such content. However, if you find content that violates your copyright and / or harmful content, you are requested to report to us via form “Contact Us” indicating the business name and the nature of the breach and we will clarify the matter. If we find your arguments justified, we will act to remove copyright infringing content and / or offensive and will consider punishing the violator business, through a series of application.

Operator reserves the right to edit and modify as it sees fit any kind of changes in the application and / or database such as: cancel, add, modify and update all existing functions at any time.

Interference in its current operations and functionality of the site, for any reason shall not constitute grounds for any claim and / or claim and / or demand by any user and / or business owners.

In the event of a complete cessation of activity or material interference does not allow the use of the project which lasts more than 7 days, there will be businesses that purchased advertising application and / or database, are entitled to a proportional reimbursement for the period of the project was not active. In any case, not be entitled to have a business like all the instruments of the enterprise to any compensation beyond that proportional reimbursement. The operator shall have the right to give to the businesses acquired paid services, the same period a replacement free of charge, as liquidated damages in respect of the time it was not an active project and instead to return to merchants who purchased the paid services which cost a relatively venture was not active.

The operator is making great efforts to take care of the site and the app are secure, but can not guarantee that the site and / App not be attacked and will burst by third parties. Therefore, it is hereby clarified that the operator will not be responsible for the infiltration of malware, or any damage caused to computers and / or devices of end users as a result of the use of enterprise application and / or browsing the site.

  1. Choice of Law and Jurisdiction.

Concerning the use of the project and its terms will apply the laws of the State of Israel and only. Clarified and agreed, that to the Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court shall have sole jurisdiction concerning the use and advertising on this Enterpriseand subject to these regulations.

12. Important Message: Attention !! This is a Google translation document made from his Hebrew version. If there are errors that concern the quality of the translation, so that the Hebrew version listed on this site is the determining version that overcomes on the English version and in any case of misunderstanding and / or inaccuracy in this translation from Hebrew and / or contradictory interpretation implied from the origional Hebrew version of the Terms of Use and Terms of Use, then the Terms and Conditions of Use appear in Hebrew. , Are the ones that determine absolutely and unequivocally. By using the App and the Website, you declare that you are aware of this section which is significant and thorough. If you do not agree with it – please do not use the app and / or the website.

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